Rufous-faced Warbler (Abroscopus albogularis)

The Rufous-faced Warbler is a small songbird that belongs to the family of New World warblers. This bird is sometimes called the Painted Redstart because of its striking coloration. It is mainly found in Mexico and breeds in the higher altitudes of mountain forests.

The Rufous-faced Warbler is easy to distinguish from other birds because of its unique appearance. Its face and throat are bright rusty-brown, while the rest of its body is black. It has a white belly and two white wing patches, which are visible when it flies. The female Rufous-faced Warbler's coloration is less dramatic than the male, with a duller, less defined throat and breast.

These birds typically live in high-altitude zones with dense understory, mossy rocks, and dense shade. They often live in coniferous and mixed forests. Rufous-faced Warblers usually eat insects and spiders, which they forage on the underside of leaves and branches. They have a unique feeding method, where they catch their prey while on the wing, and then return to a perch to eat.

The Rufous-faced Warbler is a migratory bird, which means it travels to different parts of the continent during different periods of the year. During the breeding season, they migrate from elevations of 6,000 to 12,000 feet to lower elevations, where they can find food more easily.

The Rufous-faced Warbler is a very energetic and active bird, often seen flitting through the dense foliage of its habitat. They are well-known for their melodious songs and are considered one of the most talented singers in the bird world. Their songs are characterized by a rapid trilling and buzzing sound.

Due to their preference for higher elevations, the Rufous-faced Warbler population is susceptible to habitat loss as a result of deforestation and climate change. In addition, these birds are also threatened by the degradation of their wintering habitats, which are mostly affected by poor land-use practices. Conservation efforts should be made to preserve their habitats and protect this vital species from extinction.

Other names

Abroscopus albogularis



Rufous-faced Warbler

mosquiter golanegre



riđolica svilorepa

budníček rezavolící

Brunmasket Sanger



Bouscarle à moustaches


Luì facciarossiccia


rudaveidė raštuotoji musinukė


skrytoczub rdzawolicy


Рыжещёкая расписная пеночка

pradešan červenolíci

Mosquitero carirrufo

rostkindad cettia

Kızıl Yüzlü Ötleğen

війчик рудощокий