Black-faced Warbler (Abroscopus schisticeps)

The Black-faced Warbler bird is a tiny passerine bird that belongs to the family Parulidae. It is predominantly found in the eastern part of North America, particularly in the Appalachian Mountains of the southeastern United States.

This bird is about 4.5 inches long, and it has a black face, a white-yellowish throat, and a dark olive-brown upperback with black wings and a white belly. These birds are often found in deciduous forests with a dense understory, where they can easily hide but still have access to insects that form the bulk of their diet.

The Black-faced Warbler is a migratory bird that breeds in the Appalachian Mountains during the summer months and then moves southwards to the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico during winter. During migration, these birds face a range of environmental challenges, including habitat fragmentation and loss, collision with tall buildings, and difficult weather conditions.

Breeding season for black-faced warblers usually starts in late spring, around May. The males commonly sing during this period to attract potential mates. This species is primarily monogamous - they will stay with one partner throughout the breeding period.

The female black-faced warbler is responsible for building the nest, which she constructs on the ground or low in a bush close to the ground. The female will lay three to five eggs, which she will then incubate for about 12 to 14 days. Once hatched, the chicks are cared for by both parents for another 11-14 days. After which, the young will fledge and leave the nest to venture out on their own.

Overall, the black-faced warbler is a fascinating bird that has much to teach us about bird behavior and survival. Unfortunately, this species is facing numerous threats, primarily habitat destruction, and pollution. Conservation efforts are crucial to preserving the black-faced warbler and ensuring that this delicate little species continues to thrive for years to come.

Other names

Abroscopus schisticeps



Black-faced Warbler

mosquiter emmascarat



crnolica svilorepa

budníček černolící

Sortmasket Sanger



Bouscarle à face noire


Luì faccianera


juodaveidė raštuotoji musinukė


skrytoczub ciemnolicy


Чернолицая расписная пеночка

pradešan čiernolíci

Mosquitero carinegro

svartkindad cettia

Siyah Yüzlü Ötleğen

війчик чорнощокий