Grey Thornbill (Acanthiza cinerea)

The Grey Thornbill bird is a small and compact bird found in the southern regions of Australia. It is a member of the family Acanthizidae which consists of small scrub birds commonly known as thornbills. Its scientific name is Acanthiza cinerea, and it is also known as the Grey-Inland Thornbill.

The Grey Thornbill has a unique appearance with a greyish-brown body, a white throat, and a distinct white eye-ring. It is a tiny bird, measuring only 10-12 centimeters in length and weighs approximately 7-8 grams. The bird can easily be identified by its short, sharp bill that is slightly curved downwards.

These birds are mainly found in semi-arid regions of inland Australia and are usually seen in pairs or small flocks. They inhabit a variety of habitats, including scrublands, heathlands, and woodlands. They are also known to inhabit farmlands, orchards, and even residential gardens.

The Grey Thornbill is an active bird that spends most of its time foraging for insects such as spiders, ants, caterpillars, and other small invertebrates. They forage on the ground or on low shrubs and bushes, often hovering briefly while catching insects. They also sometimes feed on nectar and seeds.

Breeding in the Grey Thornbill usually takes place between August and January, with the female laying two to three eggs in a neat and compact nest. The nest is often built in a low shrub or bush, made from bark, grass, and spiderwebs.

Although the Grey Thornbill population appears to be secure, habitat destruction and degradation, combined with climate change, pose a potential threat to their survival. However, conservation efforts are currently underway to protect them and their habitat.

In conclusion, the Grey Thornbill bird is a small but significant bird species found in the southern regions of Australia. Its unique appearance and behavior make it a fascinating bird to watch, and conservation efforts should be continued to ensure its longevity.

Other names

Acanthiza cinerea



Grey Thornbill

espineta grisa



sivo-bijela trnokljunka

střízlíkovec šedý


Grijze Doornsnavel


Acanthize gris


Gerigone montana


kalninė gerigona


buszówka szara


Белопоясничная геригона

Siva trnokljunka

ostrozobka sivá

Acantiza gris

grå taggnäbb

Gri Dikengaga

ріроріро новогвінейський

Remetuk kelabu