Tasmanian Thornbill (Acanthiza ewingii)

The Tasmanian Thornbill bird is a small passerine bird found only on the island of Tasmania in Australia. It is one of two species of Thornbill birds found exclusively in Tasmania, the other being the Brown Thornbill.

The Tasmanian Thornbill bird measures between 10-12cm in length, with olive-brown feathers on its back and wings, a brown crown, and a grey-white belly. The bird gets its name ‘Thornbill’ because of the tiny, stiff, pointed feathers around its head that resemble thorns. The bird has a straight beak that is greyish-white in color, and dark eyes.

The Tasmanian Thornbill bird is predominantly found in the dense, wet eucalyptus forests in the central highlands and the southern parts of Tasmania. They are social birds, and they live in small flocks of 10-15 individuals. These birds are primarily insectivorous, and they feed on small insects, spiders, and caterpillars. They hunt for their food by flitting between branches in trees and shrubs and picking up their prey from the bark and leaves.

The Tasmanian Thornbill has a unique breeding behavior that differs from other Thornbill birds. Instead of building its nests in dense shrubs or trees, the Tasmanian Thornbill bird prefers to build its nest in cavities in the trunks of dead eucalyptus trees. These nests are often lined with soft plant materials like moss, feathers, or fur.

Due to habitat destruction and habitat fragmentation, the population of Tasmanian Thornbill birds is declining. Conservation measures, such as habitat restoration and monitoring of population trends, are required to ensure that this unique bird species is protected for future generations to enjoy and study. As a result, the Tasmanian Thornbill is considered as a "least concern" species by the IUCN.

Other names

Acanthiza ewingii



Tasmanian Thornbill

acantiça de Tanzània



pjegavogrla trnokljunka

střízlíkovec jižní

Tasmansk Mejsesanger

Tasmaanse Doornsnavel


Acanthize de Tasmanie


Beccospino di Tasmania


tasmaninis spygliasnapis


buszówka rdzawoczelna


Тасманийская шипоклювка

Tasmanijska trnokljunka

ostrozobka tasmánska

Acantiza de Tasmania


Tasmanya Dikengagası

шиподзьоб тасманійський