Western Thornbill (Acanthiza inornata)

The Western Thornbill bird is a small, active bird species found in the southwestern regions of Western Australia. It belongs to the Acanthizidae family and is known for its beautiful, unique plumage patterns and distinctive behavior.

The Western Thornbill bird is approximately 10 cm in length and weighs around 6 grams, making it one of the smallest bird species in Australia. It has a grey-brown colored back with a bold black and white striped head and brown wings. The underside of the bird is a pale yellow or buff color.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Western Thornbill bird is the thorn-like projection located on the tip of its bill. The bird uses this projection to gather insects and spiders from crevices and small holes in tree bark. Unlike other Thornbill species, the Western Thornbill bird does not hover in the air to capture insects. Instead, it lands on the tree trunk or branch and tucks its bill into the crevices to locate its prey.

The Western Thornbill bird has a chirpy and buzzy call, which is high-pitched and repetitive. It is a social bird and can be seen foraging in small flocks. The bird pairs usually build their nests in small, shallow depressions of tree bark or in the crevices of rocks. The female lays 2-3 eggs in the nest, which are incubated for approximately 14 days.

The Western Thornbill bird is a common species in the regions of Western Australia, especially in open woodlands, forested, and shrubland areas. It is considered a least concern species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to its stable population and habitat range.

Overall, the Western Thornbill bird is a fascinating bird species with unique characteristics and a beautiful appearance. Its thorn-like bill projection and foraging behavior are captivating to observe, and its social nature makes it a delightful species to watch and study in its natural habitat.

Other names

Acanthiza inornata



Western Thornbill

acantiça occidental



ljuskastoglava trnokljunka

střízlíkovec západoaustralský

Vestlig Mejsesanger



Acanthize sobre


Beccospino occidentale


vakarinis spygliasnapis


buszówka uboga


Лесная шипоклювка

Zapadna trnokljunka

ostrozobka plavá

Acantiza sencilla

västlig taggnäbb

Batılı Boz Dikengaga

шиподзьоб лісовий