Slaty-backed Thornbill (Acanthiza robustirostris)

The Slaty-backed Thornbill (Ramphomicron microcarpum) is a small passerine bird that belongs to the family of tyrant flycatchers. It is a common species found in the high Andes Mountains of western South America, particularly in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.

The Slaty-backed Thornbill is a tiny bird, measuring around 8 cm in length and weighing only about 5 grams. It has a distinctively short tail, a pointed beak, and a dark slate blue-black coloration on its back and wings, which is where it gets its name. The bird's underparts are white, and it has a white eyebrow and a black stripe that runs across its eye.

This species is commonly found in the high-altitude regions of the Andes, where it inhabits montane forest edges, shrubby grasslands, and rocky slopes. It is a diurnal bird, which means it is active during the day, and feeds mainly on insects, small spiders, and nectar from flowers.

The Slaty-backed Thornbill is a solitary bird, usually found in pairs or small family groups. During the breeding season, it builds a small nest made of small twigs, dry grass, and moss. The female lays two or three small eggs that are white with brown spots. The eggs are incubated by both parents for about two weeks, and the young birds fledge after another two weeks.

The Slaty-backed Thornbill is not considered to be globally threatened, and its population is stable. However, the species faces some threats from habitat loss due to human activities such as agriculture and logging, as well as from climate change, which affects the availability of food and alters the bird's habitat.

In conclusion, the Slaty-backed Thornbill is a small, beautiful bird that plays a significant role in its ecosystem. Although it is not considered threatened, it is important to protect this species' habitat to ensure its survival for future generations.

Other names

Acanthiza robustirostris



Slaty-backed Thornbill

acantiça pissarrosa



olovastokrila trnokljunka

střízlíkovec šedohřbetý

Grårygget Mejsesanger



Acanthize ardoisé


Beccospino dorsoardesia


pilkanugaris spygliasnapis


buszówka śniada


Сероспинная шипоклювка

Sivoleđa trnokljunka

ostrozobka popolavá

Acantiza pizarrosa

gråryggig taggnäbb

Gri Sırtlı Dikengaga

шиподзьоб сіроспинний