New Britain Sparrowhawk (Accipiter brachyurus)

The New Britain Sparrowhawk, scientifically known as Accipiter brachyurus, is a species of bird that belongs to the Accipitridae family. It is commonly found in the forests and mountain ranges of Papua New Guinea's New Britain Island, where it lives in the canopy, seeking prey at all levels of the forest.

The New Britain Sparrowhawk is a relatively small bird, measuring around 25-27cm in length with a wingspan of 50-56cm. Males are typically smaller than females, with the females being larger and heavier than the males. This bird sports a dark-colored plumage that is predominantly blackish-brown, with white undertones on its belly, chin, and throat. Its eyes are bright yellow, and its legs and feet are yellow-green in color. The bird's appearance makes it well adapted to its forested environment, where it is able to blend in with its surroundings and remain concealed from predators and prey alike.

The New Britain Sparrowhawk is an active predator and feeds on smaller birds such as doves, finches, honeyeaters, and sunbirds. It also preys on insects, rodents, and small reptiles like lizards and snakes. Its fast, powerful flight and sharp claws and beak enable it to catch prey mid-air or pounce on them from treetops.

The New Britain Sparrowhawk is typically found in undisturbed habitats such as primary rainforest and mature secondary forest. It has been observed to be fairly common in some areas of New Britain Island, while in other regions, it appears to be less prevalent, suggesting that it may be adversely affected by habitat loss and fragmentation.

In conclusion, the New Britain Sparrowhawk is a unique bird that is emblematic of Papua New Guinea's diverse birdlife. It is highly adapted to forested environments and has evolved to be an agile and efficient predator. As with many threatened bird species globally, the survival of the New Britain Sparrowhawk is closely tied to the conservation and protection of its natural habitat, making the conservation of its forest environment crucial to the bird's survival in the long term.

Other names

Accipiter brachyurus



New Britain Sparrowhawk

esparver menut de Nova Bretanya



novobritanski kobac

krahujec šedohřbetý

Rødnakket Spurvehøg



Épervier de Nouvelle-Bretagne


Sparviere di New Britain


Naujosios Britanijos vanagas


krogulec trójbarwny


Новобританский ястреб

Kobac sa ostrva Nova Britanija

jastrab bielobruchý

Gavilancito de Nueva Bretaña


New Britain Atmacası

яструб новобританський


új-brittaniai karvaly