Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk (Accipiter castanilius)

The Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk is a magnificent bird of prey found in the woodlands and forests of Africa. It is a member of the Accipitridae family and is widely regarded as one of the most elegant and beautiful raptors in Africa.

This bird is mainly brown on its upper parts and has chestnut flanks and a creamy underside. The male and female birds are not only different in color but also different in size. The female is typically larger than the male, which is typical for raptor species.

As a predator, the Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk has keen eyesight and sharp talons, which make it a formidable hunter. It feeds on a range of prey, including small birds, insects, and small mammals, and is known to be an exceptional hunter.

Like most bird species, the Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk is monogamous, with both male and female working together to raise their young. The female usually lays two eggs in a nest made out of branches and leaves, which are then incubated for around 32 days.

The Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk is common across much of central and southern Africa, including countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Its habitat is mainly wooded areas, but it can also be found in open savannas and grasslands.

Unfortunately, the Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk faces some threats in the wild, partly due to habitat loss and habitat fragmentation. This has led to a decline in some parts of Africa, although the species as a whole is still considered to be of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

In conclusion, the Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk is a fascinating bird of prey that is majestic to behold. Although it faces some challenges in the wild, it still remains a symbol of the beauty and majesty of Africa's diverse birdlife.

Other names

Accipiter castanilius



Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk

esparver de flancs vermells



zairski kobac

krahujec kaštanovoprsý

Rustflanket Spurvehøg



Autour à flancs roux


Sparviere fianchicastani


rudašonis vanagas


krogulec rdzawoboczny


Каштановобрюхий ястреб

Kobac kestenjastih bokova

jastrab gaštanový

Gavilán flanquirrojo

rödsidig hök

Gabon Çakırı

яструб каштановобокий


gesztenyehasú karvaly