Rufous-thighed Hawk (Accipiter erythronemius)

The Rufous-thighed Hawk is a species of bird that is found in the forests of South and Central America. It is a medium-sized hawk that is known for its distinctive rufous-colored thighs, which give it its name. The bird is known for its sharp vision, agility, and speed, making it a successful hunter of small prey.

The Rufous-thighed Hawk has a wingspan of around 50-60cm and weighs around 400-600g. The head and upperpart of the bird are dark brown, while the underparts are white with black streaks. It has a sharp beak, yellow eyes, and a hooked talon. The most notable feature of this bird is its rusty brown colored thighs, which are covered in fine white stripes.

These hawks are known for their aerial acrobatics and speed in hunting prey. They feed predominantly on small mammals, such as mice and rodents, but will also take reptiles and insects when food is scarce. The Rufous-thighed Hawk is also a skilled nest builder and will construct its own nest using twigs and branches.

The Rufous-thighed Hawk is a solitary bird that is often seen perched in tall trees or soaring high above the forest floor. They are considered to be non-migratory, and will only move to different territories to find food or breeding partners. The breeding season of these hawks is usually between July and August, where they will lay a single egg in their nest.

Sadly, the Rufous-thighed Hawk is threatened by habitat destruction and hunting, which has led to a significant decline in their population in recent years. These hawks are protected by law in some countries, and conservation efforts are being made to mitigate their decline.

Overall, the Rufous-thighed Hawk is a fascinating bird that is known for its striking appearance and hunting skills. With the continued conservation efforts, hopefully, this species will continue to thrive in their natural habitats.

Other names

Accipiter erythronemius



Rufous-thighed Hawk

esparver del Chaco



kobac gaćaš

jestřáb rudorousý

Rødlåret Spurvehøg


Épervier à cuisses rousses


Sparviere zamperossicce


rudašlaunis vanagas


krogulec brazylijski


jastrab štíhly

Gavilán Muslirrufo


яструб бразильський

brasiilia raudkull

vöröscombú karvaly