Sulawesi Goshawk (Accipiter griseiceps)

The Sulawesi Goshawk bird, also known as Accipiter griseiceps, is a bird of prey that is endemic to the Sulawesi island in Indonesia. This bird is part of the Accipitridae family, which also includes eagles, hawks, and kites, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful raptors in the world.

The Sulawesi Goshawk is relatively small, measuring around 34 to 38 centimeters in length, with a wingspan of approximately 68 to 76 centimeters. The bird has an attractive color scheme, with deep blue-gray on the upperparts, a brownish-orange chest and belly, and white underparts, making it easily identifiable.

This raptor is widely distributed throughout the Sulawesi island, from lowland forest areas to high mountain peat-swamp forests. It is also found in other regions such as the nearby Buton island, Banggai and Sula islands. It feeds primarily on small birds as well as fruits and insects.

The Sulawesi Goshawk is known for its sharp talons and quick speed, making it an efficient hunter. The bird is elusive and typically found in densely vegetated areas, making it difficult to observe and study. A few researchers have studied the bird in Sulawesi and discovered that the Sulawesi Goshawk has a unique hunting pattern compared to other raptors. It prefers to hunt in the morning and late afternoon. When hunting, the bird typically perches on a high branch and waits for potential prey to come into view. It will then swoop down and strike with its sharp talons, quickly dispatching its prey.

Despite its unique qualities and beauty, the Sulawesi Goshawk is facing threats of habitat loss, hunting, and capture for the illegal pet trade. Conservation efforts are underway to protect this important species, including increasing awareness and education programs to reduce hunting and taking measures to conserve its natural habitat.

In conclusion, the Sulawesi Goshawk is a fascinating and stunning species of bird of prey that adds to the natural beauty of Sulawesi island. The bird's unique hunting habits and coloring make it a standout among other raptors. However, it is important to protect this species from extinction so that future generations can continue to appreciate and study this incredible bird.

Other names

Accipiter griseiceps



Sulawesi Goshawk

astor de Sulawesi



sivoglavi kobac

krahujec skvrnitý




Autour des Célèbes


Astore di Sulawesi


sulavesinis vanagas


krogulczak plamisty


Сулавесский хохлатый ястреб

Celebeski jastreb

gajar sivohlavý

Gavilán de Célebes


Selebes Çakırı

яструб сулавеський


szürkefejű héja

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