Gundlach's Hawk (Accipiter gundlachi)

Gundlach's Hawk is a species of bird of prey found only in two small islands of the West Indies - Cuba and Isla de la Juventud. The scientific name of this species is Accipiter gundlachi, and it is also known by the name of Cuban Goshawk. This bird species is considered threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The Gundlach's Hawk is a medium-sized bird, measuring around 40-50 cm in length, and weighing up to 600 grams. This species exhibits sexual dimorphism, with the males being smaller than the females. The plumage of the bird is dark grey to black, with reddish-orange eyes, and a yellow cere and legs.

These hawks prefer to inhabit the forests and woodlands, where they hunt for small birds and mammals. They are adept hunters, capable of catching their prey with their strong, sharp talons. They are also known to occasionally take reptiles and even insects as prey. During the breeding season, which occurs from February to May, Gundlach's Hawks form monogamous pairs and build nests in tree hollows or on platforms made of twigs and branches.

The primary threat to Gundlach's Hawk is habitat loss due to deforestation and human activities such as agricultural expansion. Additionally, illegal hunting and poaching pose a threat to the population of this species. The Gundlach's Hawk is protected under Cuban law, and conservation efforts are being taken to preserve and protect the remaining population. Conservation efforts include research, habitat management, and public awareness campaigns.

In conclusion, the Gundlach's Hawk is a remarkable bird species that is unique to the islands of Cuba and Isla de la Juventud. As a threatened species, efforts need to be taken to protect and conserve this important part of the ecosystem to ensure its survival for generations to come.

Other names

Accipiter gundlachi



Gundlach's Hawk

astor de Cuba



kubanski jastreb

jestřáb kubánský


Cubaanse Sperwer


Épervier de Cuba


Sparviere di Gundlach


kubinis vanagas


krogulec kubański


Кубинский ястреб

Kubanski jastreb

jastrab okrovoprsý

Gavilán cubano


Küba Atmacası

яструб кубинський

kuuba tanukull

kubai héja