White-bellied Goshawk (Accipiter haplochrous)

The White-bellied Goshawk bird, also known as the Australian Goshawk, is a medium-sized raptor found in various parts of Australia and New Guinea. This bird has a fascinating appearance, with a distinctive brown back and wings, and an immaculate white belly.

The White-bellied Goshawk bird has a length of around 46 centimeters and a wingspan of about 90 centimeters. These dimensions make this bird one of the smaller species of goshawks, but it is still a formidable predator. With its sharp talons and powerful beak, it is quite capable of hunting a wide variety of small to medium-sized prey.

This bird prefers to live in forested areas and woodlands, and it can often be seen perched on a high tree branch, scanning the area for prey. The White-bellied Goshawk bird is known for its agility and speed, able to quickly swoop down on prey with precision and accuracy.

The diet of this bird generally includes small mammals, reptiles, and birds, but it has also been known to feed on insects and other small invertebrates. This bird is a skilled and patient hunter, using stealth and surprise to catch its prey.

The White-bellied Goshawk bird is not considered to be a threatened species, but it is vulnerable to habitat destruction and hunting in some areas. Conservation efforts are necessary to ensure that this stunning bird continues to thrive in its natural habitat.

In conclusion, the White-bellied Goshawk bird is an impressive raptor that is well adapted to life in the forests and woodlands of Australia and New Guinea. Its unique appearance, powerful hunting skills, and keen instincts make it an interesting and important part of the ecosystem.

Other names

Accipiter haplochrous



White-bellied Goshawk

astor de Nova Caledònia



novokaledonski kobac

jestřáb novokaledonský

Ny Caledonisk Duehøg

Nieuw-Caledonische Havik


Autour à ventre blanc


Astore di New Caledonia


Naujosios Kaledonijos paukštvanagis


krogulec czarnogardły


Белобрюхий ястреб

Jastreb sa Nove Kaledonije

jastrab kapucňový

Gavilán de Nueva Caledonia


Ak Karınlı Çakır

яструб новокаледонський

uuskaledoonia raudkull

új-kaledóniai karvaly