Henst's Goshawk (Accipiter henstii)

The Henst’s goshawk, scientifically known as Accipiter henstii, is a fascinating bird of prey found in the eastern regions of Africa, particularly in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. This species was first described in 1868 by Henry Baker Tristram, who named it after Major W. H. Henst, a British army officer and keen ornithologist.

The Henst’s goshawk is a medium-sized raptor, measuring around 40 to 50 centimeters in length. It has a striking, black and white plumage, with a white belly and black wings and tail. The males are slightly smaller than females, with more prominent black markings. This bird of prey has a distinctive broad, hooked beak, which it uses to catch and kill its prey with precision.

The Henst’s goshawk is known for its exceptional hunting skills. It typically preys on small animals such as lizards, rodents, and birds. It is a fierce hunter, able to dive down from high trees to grab its prey in mid-flight. Its agility and speed make it a formidable predator, and it can easily take down prey larger than itself.

Henst’s goshawks inhabit a variety of habitats, including open grasslands and savannas, as well as dense forests and woodlands. They nest in tall trees, laying one to three eggs at a time. The eggs take around 35 to 40 days to hatch, and the chicks fledge after around six weeks.

Despite being a relatively widespread species, the Henst’s goshawk faces some threats, particularly habitat loss and fragmentation. This bird of prey is also sometimes hunted for food and feathers. However, it is currently not considered a threatened species and its population is believed to be stable.

Overall, the Henst’s goshawk is a fascinating bird species, known for its striking plumage, impressive hunting skills, and adaptability to a range of habitats. Its conservation status is relatively stable, but continued monitoring and conservation efforts are needed to ensure that this magnificent bird species remains a part of Africa’s unique wildlife heritage.

Other names

Accipiter henstii



Henst's Goshawk

astor de Madagascar



madagaskarski jastreb

jestřáb madagaskarský




Autour de Henst


Astore di Henst


madagaskarinis vištvanagis


jastrząb brunatny


Мадагаскарский тетеревятник

Madagaskarski jastreb

jastrab Henstov

Azor malgache


Madagaskar Çakırı

яструб брунатний

madagaskari kanakull

madagaszkári héja