Imitator Goshawk (Accipiter imitator)

The Imitator Goshawk bird is a fascinating and elusive creature found in the forested areas of Africa. Scientifically known as Accipiter imitator, it is a member of the Accipitridae family, which includes other bird-of-prey species such as eagles and hawks.

As the name suggests, the Imitator Goshawk has the unique ability to closely mimic the calls of other birds, making it incredibly difficult to detect. This talent allows the Imitator Goshawk to hunt more effectively, as it can sneak up on unsuspecting prey.

The Imitator Goshawk is a medium-sized bird, measuring around 40 - 45 cm in length and weighing approximately 500 g. It features a distinctive black and white plumage, with white underparts and black upperparts. Its wings are broad and rounded, and its tail is relatively short.

The Imitator Goshawk's habitat is typically dense forested areas and woodland, where it roosts high up in the trees, waiting to pounce on its prey. Its diet consists primarily of small birds, such as doves, pigeons, and sunbirds, as well as small mammals, reptiles, and insects.

The Imitator Goshawk is primarily found in Central and West Africa, with its range stretching from Senegal and the Gambia in the West to the Democratic Republic of Congo in the East. It is an elusive bird, and very little is known about its breeding habits.

Due to its elusive nature, the Imitator Goshawk is not a well-known bird outside the scientific community. However, it is an important part of the ecological balance in its habitat, controlling the population of small birds and mammals. It is also revered by some local African tribes, who associate it with power and protection.

In conclusion, the Imitator Goshawk is a unique and elusive bird that possesses a remarkable ability to imitate the calls of other birds. Its distinctive black and white plumage, along with its broad wings and short tail, make it a fascinating sight to behold. The Imitator Goshawk's role in the ecosystem is significant, and it is worth preserving this species for future generations to appreciate.

Other names

Accipiter imitator



Imitator Goshawk

astor imitador



solomonski kobac

krahujec černobílý

Imitator Spurvehøg

Bonte Sperwer


Autour imitateur


Sparviere imitatore


vištvanagis mėgdžiotojas


krogulec żałobny



jastrab čierny

Gavilán imitador


Taklitçi Çakır



melanéz karvaly