Madagascar Sparrowhawk (Accipiter madagascariensis)

The Madagascar Sparrowhawk, scientific name Accipiter madagascariensis, is a bird of prey that is endemic to Madagascar. It belongs to the Accipitridae family and is a small to medium-sized bird, measuring between 30-40 cm in length.

The Madagascar Sparrowhawk has distinctive features that set it apart from other birds of prey. Its wings are short and rounded, while its tail is relatively long. The plumage of the bird varies, with the upperparts being dark grey-brown and the underparts being white with dark streaks. The eyes are bright yellow, and the beak is sharp and hooked, which aids in hunting prey.

The Madagascar Sparrowhawk is a solitary bird that is active during the day. It typically hunts in wooded areas, where it preys on small birds, lizards, and insects. The bird is known for its stealthy hunting tactics, which involve waiting patiently for prey before pouncing on it suddenly.

The breeding season for the Madagascar Sparrowhawk begins in September and lasts through December. During this time, the male bird performs courtship displays to attract the female. The female then constructs a nest in a tree using branches, twigs, and leaves. The female lays a clutch of 2-3 eggs, which are incubated by both parents for around 35 days until they hatch.

The Madagascar Sparrowhawk is classified as a Near Threatened species by the IUCN. Habitat loss due to deforestation, hunting, and the introduction of non-native species are the main threats to the bird's survival. Conservation efforts, such as the establishment of protected areas, have been introduced to help protect the species and its habitat.

In conclusion, the Madagascar Sparrowhawk is a fascinating bird that is unique to Madagascar. With its striking appearance and hunting prowess, it is an important part of the island's ecosystem. Efforts must be made to protect this bird from threats such as habitat loss, which could lead to its extinction.

Other names

Accipiter madagascariensis



Madagascar Sparrowhawk

esparver de Madagascar



mrki kobac

krahujec madagaskarský




Épervier de Madagascar


Sparviere del Madagascar


madagaskarinis paukštvanagis


krogulec prążkowany


Мадагаскарский перепелятник

Madagaskarski kobac

jastrab madagaskarský

Gavilán malgache


Madagaskar Atmacası

яструб мадагаскарський

madagaskari raudkull

madagaszkári karvaly