Black Sparrowhawk (Accipiter melanoleucus)

The Black Sparrowhawk is a bird of prey that is found in many parts of Africa. It is a species of hawk and is known for its striking black and white plumage.

The Black Sparrowhawk is a medium-sized bird with a wingspan of up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) and a weight of 700 grams (1.5 pounds). They are known to be agile flyers, able to climb steeply with speed in pursuit of prey.

The diet of the Black Sparrowhawk consists of small reptiles, mammals, and birds. They tend to hunt during the day and are known to have a preference for hunting in dense forests. The female of the species is known to be the primary hunter and is responsible for feeding the young.

The Black Sparrowhawk is known for its distinctive call, which is a high-pitched whistle. They are generally solitary birds, but can sometimes be found in pairs during breeding season.

The breeding season of the Black Sparrowhawk is between August and October. They build their nests in tall trees, usually near the top of the tree. The nest is made of sticks and is lined with softer materials such as bark, feathers and leaves.

The females lay between one to three eggs, and both the male and female incubate the eggs for about 35 days. Once the chicks are born, they are cared for by both parents and are fed by the female.

One of the prominent features of the Black Sparrowhawk is its black and white plumage. The feathers on their forehead and cheeks are white, which makes them easily distinguishable from other species of hawks.

The Black Sparrowhawk is an important species in African folklore. The bird is known as a symbol of good luck and is believed to bring prosperity and abundance to those who spot it.

In recent years, the Black Sparrowhawk has been facing threats from habitat loss and hunting. Despite this, the species is still considered to be of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Other names

Accipiter melanoleucus



Black Sparrowhawk

astor blanc i negre



crno-bijeli jastreb

jestřáb černohřbetý

Afrikansk Skovhøg

Zwarte Havik


Autour noir


Astore nero


keršasis paukštvanagis


jastrząb czarno-biały


Чёрно-белый ястреб

Crni jastreb

jastrab čierno-biely

Azor blanquinegro

svart duvhök

Kara Atmaca

яструб чорний