Meyer's Goshawk (Accipiter meyerianus)

The Meyer's Goshawk bird is a fascinating bird of prey that belongs to the Accipitridae family. This species is also known as the "Meyer's Broad-winged Hawk," and it is found in the tropical rainforest regions of West and Central Africa. The bird owes its name to the German ornithologist Bernhard Meyer, who first described it. The Meyer's Goshawk bird is one of the most elusive birds of prey, and it is mainly found in dense forests.

This species is relatively small in size, with an average length of around 35cm. The bird has a distinct plumage that resembles a juvenile goshawk, with dark grey feathers on its back and wings and white and black barring underneath. Meyer's Goshawk bird has bright yellow eyes and a black bill. The female and male Meyer's Goshawk birds have similar plumage. However, the females are slightly larger than males.

The Meyer's Goshawk bird is a skilled hunter and has a unique hunting style. The bird's hunting technique involves flying low across the forest floor, searching for prey such as small mammals, squirrels, birds, and reptiles. The bird is known for its agility and speed, enabling it to catch prey in mid-air, especially birds. The Meyer's Goshawk bird is incredibly stealthy and can move through the dense forest without making a sound.

Meyer's Goshawk bird has a wide range of vocalizations, from high-pitched whistles to soft hisses. The bird's call is an essential form of communication among individuals and species recognition. Meyer's Goshawk bird is monogamous and forms lifelong bonds with their partners. The bird's breeding season is between November and February, and the female lays 1-3 eggs, which both the male and female incubate.

The Meyer's Goshawk bird is listed as "Least Concern" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), indicating that the species is unlikely to become extinct in the near future. However, the bird's primary threat is deforestation, which reduces its habitat and food supply. The bird has experienced a population decline, making it crucial to conserve the forest where it resides.

In conclusion, the Meyer's Goshawk bird is a rare and elusive bird species that is important to the ecology of the tropical rainforest. Understanding the bird's behavior, habitat, and population dynamics is critical to conserving it for future generations.

Other names

Accipiter meyerianus



Meyer's Goshawk

astor de Meyer



mrki jastreb

jestřáb molucký


Meyers Havik


Autour de Meyer


Astore di Meyer


Mejerio vištvanagis


jastrząb papuaski


Мейеров ястреб

Mejerov novogvinejski jastreb

jastrab tmavý

Azor de Meyer


Meyer Atmacası

яструб папуанський

paapua kanakull

feketehátú héja

Elang-alap meyer