Little Sparrowhawk (Accipiter minullus)

The Little Sparrowhawk, also known as Accipiter minullus, is a small bird of prey commonly found in Asia. It is one of the smallest Accipiters, with an average length of 25 to 30 centimeters and a wingspan of 45 to 55 centimeters. They are identified by their greyish-brown plumage with dark streaks on their undersides, and their red eyes.

These birds are known for their agility and speed while hunting. They have long tails that help them steer through the trees while chasing their prey. Their diet mainly consists of small birds, lizards, and insects. They are often seen hunting in gardens, woodlands, and forests.

Little Sparrowhawks breed during the summer months, and the female lays 2-4 eggs in a nest built by the male. The nest is usually constructed high in the trees, and both parents take turns incubating the eggs and feeding the chicks. The young birds leave the nest after around four weeks, but will still rely on the adults for food for several more weeks.

These birds are not commonly kept as pets due to their small size and aggressive behavior. In some parts of Asia, Little Sparrowhawks are used in falconry for hunting small game.

The Little Sparrowhawk faces a significant threat from habitat loss due to deforestation, as well as from hunting and trapping for the falconry trade. The IUCN has classified them as a species of "Least Concern," but their population numbers are decreasing in some parts of their range.

In conclusion, the Little Sparrowhawk is a small but fierce bird of prey known for its agility and speed. They are essential for maintaining ecological balance and controlling small bird and insect populations. Like many other species, they are facing threats from habitat loss and hunting, and conservation efforts are needed to ensure their survival.

Other names

Accipiter minullus



Little Sparrowhawk

esparver menut africà



mali kobac

krahujec nejmenší

Afrikansk Spurvehøg

Oost-Afrikaanse Dwergsperwer


Épervier minule


Sparviere minore


afrikinis mažasis paukštvanagis


krogulec skromny


Африканский малый перепелятник

jastrab krahulček

Gavilancito chico


Küçük Atmaca

яструб савановий