Dwarf Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nanus)

The Dwarf Sparrowhawk bird is a small but powerful raptor found in the forests of Asia. Measuring just 23-28 centimeters in length, it is one of the smallest species of sparrowhawks. The male and female have distinctly different plumage, with the male having blue-grey upperparts and a black head, while the female has brown feathers and a streaked breast. Their eyes are large and yellow, and their wings are short and broad.

Dwarf Sparrowhawks are primarily predators of small birds and insects. They hunt by flying low through dense forest foliage, using their short wings to navigate through the branches with agility and speed. They have sharp, curved talons that enable them to grasp their prey firmly and dispatch it with their hooked beak. They are skilled hunters, catching their prey in mid-air or by surprise attack.

These birds generally breed in the summer months, building their nests in trees or shrubs. The female lays 2-4 eggs, which are then incubated by both the male and female. The young are usually fed on small birds or insects and fledge after several weeks.

The Dwarf Sparrowhawk is listed as a species of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. However, due to habitat loss and fragmentation, their population is declining in some areas. In India, they are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, with the capture or killing of a Dwarf Sparrowhawk punishable by law.

Overall, the Dwarf Sparrowhawk is a fascinating and powerful bird of prey that has adapted well to its forest habitat. Its small size and agility make it a formidable hunter, despite its diminutive stature. With continued conservation efforts, this species can hopefully thrive for generations to come.

Other names

Accipiter nanus



Dwarf Sparrowhawk

esparver menut de Sulawesi



crvenoprsi kobac

krahujec celebeský

Lille Spurvehøg



Épervier des Célèbes


Sparviere piccolo


sulavesinis mažasis paukštvanagis


krogulec rdzawopierśny


Целебесский ястреб

jastrab malý

Gavilancito de Célebes


Selebes Atmacası

яструб целебеський



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