Grey-headed Goshawk (Accipiter poliocephalus)

The Grey-headed Goshawk is a bird of prey that is found in the forests and woodlands of Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, New Guinea, and Australia. It is a medium-sized bird, measuring around 45-50 cm in length, and has a distinctive grey head and white underside with black streaks.

The Grey-headed Goshawk is known for its agility and hunting skills. It is a type of bird that is adapted to forest environments and preys on a variety of animals such as small birds, reptiles, and rodents. They hunt by perching on a high branch and swooping down on their prey when they spot it moving on the ground.

Despite their impressive hunting skills, Grey-headed Goshawks are not particularly vocal. They communicate mainly through visual and nonverbal cues and are often solitary birds that prefer to hunt and feed alone. However, they may form pairs during the breeding season and build nests in the canopy of trees.

In Southeast Asia, the Grey-headed Goshawk is considered a threatened species. The main threat to their survival is habitat destruction caused by deforestation, especially in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, which are two of their primary habitats. The bird has also been hunted for its feathers and as a trophy, which has contributed to its decline.

Efforts are underway to protect the Grey-headed Goshawk by preserving their habitat and reintroducing them to areas where they have been eliminated. In Indonesia, conservation organizations have been working with local communities to raise awareness about the importance of this bird and the need to protect its habitat.

In conclusion, the Grey-headed Goshawk is an amazing bird of prey that is highly skilled in hunting, specifically in wooded areas. Unfortunately, due to habitat destruction and hunting, this bird is now facing threats to its existence. Therefore, it is essential to preserve their habitat and raise awareness about the importance of protecting and conserving these amazing birds of prey.

Other names

Accipiter poliocephalus



Grey-headed Goshawk

astor capgrís



novogvinejski kobac

krahujec šedobílý

Gråhovedet Duehøg

Bleke Sperwer


Autour à tête grise


Astore testagrigia


pilkagalvis vištvanagis


krogulec nowogwinejski


Новогвинейский пепельноголовый тетеревятник

jastrab sivý

Gavilán cabecigrís

gråhuvad hök

Gri Başlı Atmaca

яструб сіроголовий


új-guineai héja

Elang-alap pucat-sosonokan