New Britain Goshawk (Accipiter princeps)

The New Britain Goshawk bird is a beautiful and fearsome bird of prey found in Papua New Guinea. This bird has a striking appearance, with its sleek body, sharp talons, and piercing eyes. It belongs to the Accipitridae family, which also includes eagles, hawks, and kites.

The New Britain Goshawk bird is medium-sized, measuring between 43 to 50 cm in length. It has a wingspan of about 80 cm and weighs around 400g. The bird has a dark grey to black plumage with a white band around its neck. The tail is long, barred, and banded with white and black stripes. Their beaks are hooked and designed for tearing flesh, while their eyes are well adapted for spotting prey from a distance.

New Britain Goshawks are agile hunters, and their diet primarily consists of small to medium-sized birds, mammals, and reptiles. They are mainly solitary animals, but can sometimes be seen in pairs during breeding season. The female bird lays between 2 to 4 eggs, which are incubated for about 35 days.

Apart from their physical attributes, the New Britain Goshawk bird is also known for its behavioral traits. They are often seen perching on high branches, waiting for prey to pass by. When they spot their prey, they swoop down at incredible speeds and grab their prey with their talons.

Unfortunately, the New Britain Goshawk bird is facing several threats, including habitat loss, deforestation, and hunting. Due to these factors, their population has decreased significantly, and they are now considered an endangered species.

To help conserve the New Britain Goshawk, conservationists are working to protect and restore their habitat. Additionally, local communities are being educated on the importance of protecting these birds and their environment.

The New Britain Goshawk bird is a valuable part of Papua New Guinea's biodiversity, and by working together, we can help ensure that they thrive for generations to come.

Other names

Accipiter princeps



New Britain Goshawk

astor de Nova Bretanya



novobritanski jastreb

jestřáb šedobílý

Blygrå Duehøg

Bleke Havik


Autour de Mayr


Astore di New Britain


Naujosios Britanijos vištvanagis


krogulec szarobiały


Новобританский серобрюхий тетеревятник

Jastreb sa ostrva Nova Britanija

jastrab birarský

Azor de Nueva Bretaña


New Britain Çakırı

яструб темноголовий


új-brittaniai szürkefejű héja