Fiji Goshawk (Accipiter rufitorques)

The Fiji Goshawk bird is a predatory bird that is endemic to the Fiji Islands. It is known for its fierce hunting skills and its distinctive appearance, with a dark gray-brown plumage and a hooked beak. The Fiji Goshawk belongs to the Accipitridae family, which is a group of birds of prey that are found all around the world.

The Fiji Goshawk bird is a skilled hunter that typically preys on small birds, rodents, and insects. It hunts by patrolling the dense forests and woodlands of the islands, using its sharp eyesight and maneuverability to catch its prey. The bird has a powerful, curved beak that is designed to quickly dispatch its prey, as well as strong talons that enable it to carry small animals in flight.

Despite its fierce hunting skills, the Fiji Goshawk bird is facing several threats to its survival. One of the main causes of the decline in its population is habitat loss, as the development of agriculture and logging has led to the destruction of much of the bird’s natural habitat. Additionally, the introduction of non-native species, such as rats and cats, has had a devastating effect on the bird’s food sources, as well as its breeding success.

Efforts are being made to conserve the Fiji Goshawk bird, including the creation of protected areas and the implementation of strict regulations on hunting and logging. Research is also ongoing to better understand the bird’s breeding habits and migration patterns, which will help ensure its survival in the future.

In conclusion, the Fiji Goshawk bird is an important part of the natural ecosystem of the Fiji Islands. Its formidable hunting skills and unique appearance make it a fascinating subject for bird enthusiasts, while its conservation status highlights the importance of protecting endangered species around the world.

Other names

Accipiter rufitorques



Fiji Goshawk

astor de les Fiji



fidžijski kobac

jestřáb rudolímcový




Autour des Fidji


Astore delle Figi


fidžinis vištvanagis


krogulec rdzawoszyi


Фиджийский ястреб

Jastreb sa Fidžija

jastrab ružovobruchý

Gavilán de las Fiji


Fiji Çakırı

яструб фіджійський

fidži raudkull

fidzsi héja