Tiny Hawk (Accipiter superciliosus)

The Tiny Hawk, also known as the Sharp-shinned Hawk (Accipiter striatus), is a small bird of prey found primarily in North and South America. These birds are known for their agility and speed, making them skilled hunters in their habitat.

The Tiny Hawk measures around 25-30 centimeters in length and weighs around 100-150 grams. They have a dark brown back, wings and tail, with plumage that features a distinctive reddish-orange breast. Their eyes are yellow, and their beaks are short and hooked. The female Tiny Hawk is slightly larger than the male, but their feathers are similar in color.

These birds can be found in a variety of environments, from dense forests to suburban areas. Being versatile predators, they feed mainly on small birds and mammals like rodents, reptiles, and insects. They hunt by using their sharp talons and fast flight capabilities, which helps them catch their prey in mid-air.

The Tiny Hawk has a unique way of hunting and is known for its swift and sweeping movements. They are known to be territorial birds and fiercely defend their territories. Their breeding season typically starts in early spring, where they build their nests using twigs and other vegetation. They lay around 2-5 eggs at a time, and it takes around 30-40 days for the eggs to hatch. After hatching, the young fledge the nest after around 30-35 days.

Although the Tiny Hawk is not considered endangered, they do face threats like habitat loss and illegal hunting. However, their natural population remains stable, and these birds are often studied to better understand the impact of human activities on wildlife. By providing them with the right protection, we can help ensure their continued survival and preservation of an important species in the ecosystem.

Other names

Accipiter superciliosus



Tiny Hawk

esparver menut sud-americà



amazonski kobac

krahujec malý


Amerikaanse Dwergsperwer


Épervier nain


Sparviere minuto


mažasis paukštvanagis


krogulczyk drobny



jastrabík drobný

Gavilancito americano


Başparmak Atmacası



apró karvaly