Collared Myna (Acridotheres albocinctus)

The Collared Myna bird is a small, striking bird native to the Indian subcontinent. Its glossy black body is marked with a distinct white collar around the neck, which has earned the bird its name.

These birds are highly sociable and can often be found in large flocks, making their characteristic calls that are sure to catch your attention. Their melodious songs are a testament to their intelligence and mimicry skills, which they use to communicate with each other and even imitate other bird species.

Collared Mynas have become popular as pets due to their unique and attractive appearance, but their wild populations are dwindling due to habitat loss and trapping. These birds have adapted well to living in urban environments, where they can be seen perching on telephone wires or feeding on scraps in city parks.

The Collared Myna is an omnivorous bird, consuming a varied diet that includes insects, fruits, nectar, and even small rodents. They are also known to eat crop pests, making them beneficial to farmers.

These birds are known to be highly intelligent, capable of learning tricks and even imitating human speech. They are also social birds, forming strong bonds with their mate and flock members.

In recent years, the Collared Myna has faced increasing threats from habitat loss and illegal trapping for the pet trade. Efforts are being made to protect and conserve these birds, including the establishment of protected areas and enforcement of anti-poaching laws.

Overall, the Collared Myna is a fascinating and unique bird that adds color and charm to its surroundings. Its beauty and song lend a touch of magic to any environment, making it a true treasure of the Indian subcontinent.

Other names

Acridotheres albocinctus



Collared Myna

minà de collar



bjelovrati čvorak

majna bělokrká

Hvidhalset Maina



Martin à collier


Maina dal collare


apykaklėtoji maina


majna obrożna


Ошейниковая майна

Ogrličasta mina

škorec golierikatý

Miná acollarado


Yakalı Çiğdeci

майна юнанська

nyakörves majna