Crested Myna (Acridotheres cristatellus)

The Crested Myna bird is a striking bird species that is mainly found in the countries of Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Its scientific name is Acridotheres cristatellus and it belongs to the Sturnidae family of birds, commonly known as starlings.

The Crested Myna bird is a medium-sized bird with distinctive features that make it easily identifiable. The bird can grow up to 25 cm in length and has dark feathers with a white patch on its wings. As the name suggests, it has a prominent crest on its head that is black with white tips. It also has bright yellow eyes, a strong beak, and short legs.

One of the fascinating things about the Crested Myna bird is its adaptable nature. They are commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions, including open forests, gardens, and farmland. They are also well adapted to life in urban areas and are frequently seen scavenging for food on the streets of cities.

The Crested Myna bird is an omnivore, meaning that it eats both plants and animals. They feed on insects, fruits, and small vertebrates, as well as food scraps and human food waste they find in urban areas. They are known for their loud and raucous calls, which they use to communicate with other birds and to defend their territory.

In recent years, Crested Myna birds have become popular as pets due to their beautiful appearance and lively personality. However, they can be very noisy and require a lot of attention and care, so they are not suitable for everyone.

Unfortunately, the Crested Myna bird is considered an invasive species in some areas, such as Hawaii and Australia. This is because they can outcompete native bird species for resources and can also damage crops. Efforts are being made to reduce their impact in these areas, but the bird remains a popular and beloved species in its native range.

Other names

Acridotheres cristatellus



Crested Myna

minà crestat



bjelokljuni čvorak

majna chocholatá




Martin huppé


Maina crestata


kuoduotoji maina


majna czubata


Хохлатая майна

Ćubasta mina

škorec chochlatý

Miná crestado

kinesisk majna

Tepeli Çiğdeci

майна чубата