Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus)

The Javan Myna bird, also known as White-vented Myna, is a medium-sized bird predominantly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. The Javan Myna bird stands nearly 24 centimeters tall and has a wingspan of around 30-40 centimeters. It has a glossy dark head with a grey body and a slash of white on the wings. Its tail is square and has white feathers.

Being omnivorous, Javan Myna birds feed on a variety of foods. Their diet includes seeds, fruit, insects, and sometimes small animals such as lizards and rodents. Due to their omnivorous nature and the adaptability to different environments, these birds are found in a variety of habitats, including gardens, plantations, urban areas, and forests.

The Javan Myna bird has excellent communication abilities, relying on its distinctive calls and songs to communicate with other birds in its territory. They are social birds and are often found in large flocks and they spend most of their time foraging for food with their flock-mates.

These birds are known for their unique habit of taking a dust bath. They prefer shallow depressions filled with dirt or sand and roll around in it to get rid of parasites, dirt, and oil from their feathers.

Even though Javan Myna birds are not considered threatened, they are regarded as pests in some areas. They are known to drive out other bird species, disrupt ecosystems, and damage crops. This bird has been labeled as one of the most invasive bird species in the world.

In Singapore, the Javan Myna bird is so common that it has become an iconic symbol of the island city-state. They are an ever-present sight and sound, found everywhere from residential neighborhoods to public parks and nature reserves.

In conclusion, the Javan Myna bird is a fascinating species of bird found predominantly in Southeast Asia. They have unique habits and characteristics that make them an interesting and entertaining species to observe. Although they are regarded as pests in some areas, they are an important part of the ecosystem and provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about nature and wildlife.

Other names

Acridotheres javanicus



Javan Myna

minà de Java



javanski čvorak

majna jávská


Javaanse Maina


Martin de Java


Maina di Giava


javinė maina


majna jawajska


Белобрюхая майна

Javanska mina

škorec ryžový

Miná de Java


Cava Çiğdecisi

майна яванська

Kerak kerbau