Black-winged Starling (Acridotheres melanopterus)

The Black-winged Starling (Sturnus melanopterus) is a beautiful bird that can be easily recognized by its striking plumage. This species is usually found in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, particularly in the islands of Java, Bali, and Sumatra.

One of the most notable characteristics of the Black-winged Starling is its glossy black feathers and contrasting yellow eyes, bill, and legs. The wings also display a glossy sheen, which changes color in different light conditions. In some regions, the species is known as the "Black-collared Starling" due to the presence of a distinct white collar around the neck region.

The Black-winged Starling is a medium-sized bird, usually measuring around 22-23 cm in length. They have strong legs and a sturdy, curved bill that helps them forage and feed on fruits, insects, and small animals. They often gather in small flocks during the breeding season, which is usually between May and July.

The Black-winged Starling is not a migratory bird, and their movements are mainly driven by food availability and breeding purposes. They show a preference for open habitats such as savannas, grasslands, and agricultural areas, where they feed on a variety of insects, fruits, and seeds.

In terms of conservation, the Black-winged Starling is not considered a threatened species. However, deforestation and habitat loss are increasing concerns for their population. The conversion of native forests into palm oil plantations and urbanization are some of the factors that are leading to habitat fragmentation and degradation.

Overall, the Black-winged Starling is a magnificent bird with a unique set of characteristics. Their enchanting black plumage and contrasting yellow features make them a true spectacle in nature. It is essential to protect these and other bird species from habitat loss and ensure their conservation for future generations to admire.

Other names

Acridotheres melanopterus



Black-winged Starling

minà alanegre



bjeloleđi čvorak

majna černokřídlá

Sortvinget Stær



Martin à ailes noires


Storno alinere


juodasparnė maina


majna czarnoskrzydła


Чернокрылый скворец

Crnokrila mina

škorec čiernokrídly

Miná alinegro


Ak Çiğdeci

майна чорнокрила

feketeszárnyú seregély

Jalak putih