Yellow-browed Bulbul (Acritillas indica)

The Yellow-browed Bulbul bird is a small, colorful bird found in the forests of southeastern Asia. The bird has bright yellow feathers on its head and underparts with olive-green wings and tail, and dark stripes on its face. The bird is named after its yellow eyebrows that stand out prominently against its dark eyes. The bird's wingspan is about 20-22 cm, and it weighs around 10-12 grams.

The Yellow-browed Bulbul bird is commonly found in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and southern China. They can be seen in the dense forests, woodlands, and bamboo groves, and they are active during the day. They are social birds that usually move in pairs or small groups. The Yellow-browed Bulbul birds are energetic and agile, and they use their strong legs and powerful wings to move through the trees with ease.

The Yellow-browed Bulbul bird is a frugivorous bird that feeds mainly on fruits, berries, and insects. They are omnivores and also feed on seeds, nectar, and small animals such as spiders and caterpillars. They are also known to visit gardens and orchards, where they sometimes feed on fruits and flowers.

The breeding season for the Yellow-browed Bulbul bird is from April to July. They build their nests in the dense foliage of trees at a height of about 3-5 meters from the ground. The female bird lays 2-4 eggs, which are incubated by both parents for about 12-14 days. The chicks are fed by both parents until they are able to fly and fend for themselves.

The Yellow-browed Bulbul bird is not currently considered endangered, and its population is stable. However, the species is threatened by deforestation and habitat loss due to human activity. Conservation measures are being taken to protect their natural habitat and ensure the survival of the species.

Overall, the Yellow-browed Bulbul bird is a beautiful and fascinating bird found in the forests of southeastern Asia. With its bright coloring, energetic movements, and social nature, it is a bird that captures the attention and imagination.

Other names

Acritillas indica



Yellow-browed Bulbul

bulbul cellagroc



crnokljuni bulbul

bulbulčík indický

Gulgrøn Bulbul



Bulbul à sourcils d’or


Bulbul cigliagialle


geltonbruvis rytinis bulbiulis


szczeciak złotolicy


Желтобровый восточный бюльбюль

bylbyl zlatolíci

Bulbul cejiamarillo

gulgrön bulbyl

Sarı Kaşlı Arapbülbülü

бюльбюль жовточеревий

aranykabátos bülbül