Pink-legged Graveteiro (Acrobatornis fonsecai)

The Pink-legged Graveteiro bird is a small passerine bird species that belongs to the family Furnariidae. This bird is commonly found in South America, mainly in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

The Pink-legged Graveteiro is approximately 15-17 cm in length, and it has a reddish-brown upper body, with a dull white underbelly. The distinguishing feature of this bird is its pink legs, and pale pink beak. The bird has a distinctive call, which is a short, sharp, high-pitched "twee twee", which they use to communicate with each other.

These birds prefer to nest in dry forests and savannas with wooded areas, thickets, and small bushes. They make their nests in the form of half-spheres or globular structures using dry wood chips, particularly from the branches of the Dead Man's Tree (Sebastiania commersoniana), which is commonly found in their natural habitat.

The Pink-legged Graveteiro is an insectivorous bird, which mainly feeds on insects, spiders, and their eggs, which they gather from the bark of trees, leaf litter, and branches. They are known to forage on the ground, and their movement is characterized by quick hops and sharp turns as they hunt for prey.

These birds are not considered globally threatened, but their populations are declining due to habitat loss and fragmentation from deforestation and conversion of their natural habitat into agricultural lands.

Overall, the Pink-legged Graveteiro is a beautiful and fascinating bird species with unique characteristics. Their bright pink legs and beak make them a noticeable bird species in their habitat, and their calls are often heard echoing through the forests and savannas where they live. Their importance in their ecosystem as insectivorous animals cannot be overemphasized, and conservation efforts must be made to protect their natural habitats and ensure their survival for future generations to see.

Other names

Acrobatornis fonsecai



Pink-legged Graveteiro

espiner fumat



bahijski trnjak

ostrochvostka růžovonohá




Synallaxe à pattes roses


Graveteiro zamperosa


raudonkojis krosnius





plantážnik kakaovníkový



Taklacı Sepetören

кошикороб сірий