Mangareva Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus astrolabii)

The Mangareva Reed Warbler bird, also known as the "acoustic illusionist," is a fascinating little bird found only on the island of Mangareva in French Polynesia. It belongs to the species known as the Polynesian Reed Warbler, which is a group of birds that are found only on the islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The Mangareva Reed Warbler is known for its incredible ability to mimic the calls of other birds. It has evolved this trait over time as a way to protect itself from predators. By mimicking the calls of other birds, the Mangareva Reed Warbler is able to deceive potential predators and avoid being caught.

In addition to its amazing mimicry skills, the Mangareva Reed Warbler is also known for its unique singing style. Unlike most other birds, which sing using one fixed pitch, the Mangareva Reed Warbler's song features a series of changing pitches. This gives its song a distinctive, complex sound that is both beautiful and impressive. Its unique singing style is thought to have evolved as a way to communicate with other birds in the dense reed beds where it lives.

The Mangareva Reed Warbler's habitat is relatively small, and it is facing threats from human activities such as construction, deforestation, and climate change. These threats have resulted in a decline in the bird's population and the species is now considered to be endangered. Conservation efforts are underway to protect this unique bird and its habitat.

In conclusion, the Mangareva Reed Warbler is a special bird with remarkable abilities. Its ability to mimic the calls of other birds and its unique singing style make it one of the most fascinating species of birds in the world. Sadly, the bird is facing threats to its survival, and it is up to us to do our part to protect this incredible creature for generations to come.

Other names

Acrocephalus astrolabii



Mangareva Reed Warbler



tamnokrili trstenjak




Rousserolle de l’Astrolabe




trzciniak polinezyjski


Мангаревская камышовка

trsteniarik mangarevský

Carricero de Mangareva


Mangareva Kamışçını

очеретянка полінезійська