Black-browed Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus bistrigiceps)

The Black-browed Reed Warbler is a small passerine bird found in the western and central regions of Asia. This bird is part of the Acrocephalus genus and is one of the smallest of its kind, measuring only about 11 centimeters in length. The Black-browed Reed Warbler is known for its striking physical features, including black and white striped feathers on its back, a distinctive black brow above its eye, and a yellowish-white abdomen.

The Black-browed Reed Warbler's typical habitat is reed beds near water sources, such as rivers, lakes, and marshes. These birds are migratory, and their breeding grounds span from eastern European countries, like Hungary, across central Asia, and into western China. During migration, Black-browed Reed Warblers fly long distances, from their breeding grounds to wintering areas south of the Himalayas.

Black-browed Reed Warblers feed primarily on insects, which they are known to catch mid-air. They also feed on spiders and other small invertebrates found near the reed beds in which they live. During mating season, males are known for their complex and lengthy songs, composed of a series of repeated chirps and clicks.

These birds are relatively solitary, and they typically nest on the ground in the reed beds. The nests they construct are woven together with leaves, reed stems, and grasses. The female Black-browed Reed Warbler lays four to six tiny eggs, which are incubated for around 13-15 days by both parents. Once the chicks hatch, they are fed by both parents and are ready to leave the nest after another two weeks.

Despite being a small bird, the Black-browed Reed Warbler is an important indicator of the health of wetlands and reed beds across their range. Changes in water levels and land use practices, such as pollution and land development, can negatively impact their populations. Conservation efforts are necessary to protect the habitat of this species and to ensure their survival in the wild.

Other names

Acrocephalus bistrigiceps



Black-browed Reed Warbler

boscarla cellanegra



prugastolici trstenjak

rákosník černobrvý

Sortbrynet Rørsanger



Rousserolle de Schrenck


Cannaiola ciglianere


juodabruvė nendrinukė


trzcinniczek szerokobrewy


Чернобровая камышевка

Trstenjak sa crnom obrvom

trsteniarik pestrohlavý

Carricerín cejinegro

svartbrynad rörsångare

Kara Kaşlı Kamışçın

очеретянка чорноброва


keleti foltos nádiposzáta

Kerakbasi alis-hitam

melnaču ķauķis