Millerbird (Acrocephalus familiaris)

The Millerbird is a small, ground-dwelling bird that is native only to the island of Nihoa in the Hawaiian archipelago. This bird has lived in relative obscurity for many years, with little known about its behavior and characteristics until recently.

The Millerbird is named after its discoverer, James Miller, who found the species on Nihoa in 1923. The bird is small and compact, with a length of no more than 15 cm and a weight of around 20 grams. It has a brown-gray coloration, and its wings are rounded and short, suggesting an adaptation to terrestrial living.

Millerbirds spend most of their time on the ground, where they forage for food such as insects and larvae. They are also known to eat seeds and fruits. Despite their small size, Millerbirds have a loud, distinctive call that can be heard across the island.

One of the most notable characteristics of the Millerbird is its territorial behavior. Males will defend their turf from other males, using their calls and displays to warn off any intruders. Females seem to prefer males with larger territories, perhaps as an indication of quality.

The Millerbird is classified as endangered, with a population estimated to be between 800 and 1200 individuals. The biggest threat to its survival is habitat loss, as invasive plant species take over the bird's native habitat. Other threats include introduced predators such as rats and feral cats.

Despite the challenges it faces, conservation efforts have been successful in stabilizing the Millerbird population in recent years. The bird's habitat on Nihoa is now protected, and predator control measures have been put in place to reduce the threat from invasive species.

The Millerbird is a fascinating and unique bird species that has captured the attention of researchers and conservationists alike. Its survival is critical not only for the preservation of a rare and beautiful bird, but also for the health of the fragile ecosystem on Nihoa.

Other names

Acrocephalus familiaris




boscarla de l'illa Nihoa



havajski trstenjak

rákosník laysanský




Rousserolle obscure


Cannaiola delle Hawaii


naminė nendrinukė


trzciniak cienkodzioby


Лайсанская камышевка

trsteniarik tenkozobý

Carricero familiar


Millerbird Kamışçını

очеретянка гавайська

havai roolind