Lesser Swamp Warbler (Acrocephalus gracilirostris)

The Lesser Swamp Warbler is a small, inconspicuous bird found in Southern Africa. It measures around 12-13 cm in length and weighs only 9-13g. They have olive-green upperparts and a yellowish-white underbelly, with a dark and distinctive stripe running through its eye and extending towards the bill. Their legs and feet are brownish in color, and their bill is quite long and slender.

Their name "swamp" warbler is derived from their pronounced affinity for wetlands and swampy areas. They are commonly found in reed beds, wetlands, and densely vegetated streams, where they forage among the reeds, grasses, and bushes, pick insects, and other invertebrates. They have a rich melodious warbling song, accompanied by harsh hissing sounds occasionally. Their song is often heard on the breeding areas, where males use it to attract mates and to defend their territories.

Lesser swamp warblers are monogamous, mating with only one partner throughout their life. They are cavity nesters, typically breeding from late August to December. They construct their nests in dense vegetation, usually in the center of a clump of reeds. The nest is a small, well-constructed cup woven from dry grasses, bound together with spider webs, and lined with feathers. A single clutch consists of 2-4 eggs, and both parents share the duties of incubation and feeding the young.

Although the Lesser Swamp Warbler is widespread and relatively common species, it faces declines due to habitat loss and degradation, particularly from human encroachment and wetland drainage activities. Nevertheless, conservation initiatives like wetland restoration projects have shown some measure of success in safeguarding their populations. Overall, the Lesser Swamp Warbler's adaptability and resilience to their niche habitats make them an interesting bird species worthy of attention and conservation.

Other names

Acrocephalus gracilirostris



Lesser Swamp Warbler

boscarla becfina



tankokljuni trstenjak

rákosník jižní


Kaapse Rietzanger


Rousserolle à bec fin


Cannaiola minore


kapinė nendrinukė


trzciniak jasnobrewy


Капская камышевка

Kapski trstenjak

trsteniarik čiernonohý

Carricero picofino

mindre sumpsångare

Küçük Bataklık Kamışçını

очеретянка світлоброва

Kaapse Rietsanger

bantu roolind

fokföldi nádiposzáta