Nauru Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus rehsei)

The Nauru Reed Warbler is a small passerine bird which is endemic to the tiny island of Nauru located in the Central Pacific. It is a rare and unique species that is known by various other names such as Nauru Warbler, Grasshopper Warbler, or Bonin Reed Warbler. It is scientifically classified as the Acrocephalus rehsei and belongs to the family of Sylviidae.

This small songbird is roughly 14 centimeters in length and weighs around 10 grams. It has a distinctive reddish-brown plumage with a white underside, a short tail, and a short bill. Both male and female species have similar appearances, and it is difficult to differentiate between them. However, males are known for their louder calls and more active nature during the breeding season.

The Nauru Reed Warbler can only be found in the dense undergrowths of the remaining natural scrublands on the island of Nauru. They are shy birds that are usually heard before they are seen. The birds have a distinctive call that sounds like a rhythmic clicking noise interspersed with melodious trills. The species is primarily insectivorous and feeds on insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates found in the dense foliage.

The Nauru Reed Warbler is classified as an endangered species due to the loss of its natural habitat caused by mining activities and other human disturbance. The bird's population has significantly declined over the years, with only around 60 to 80 pairs still remaining on the island. Conservation measures have been put in place to protect the species, including the establishment of protected areas and habitat restoration projects.

In conclusion, the Nauru Reed Warbler is an exceptional and rare species that is unique to the island of Nauru. It is a shy bird that mainly feeds on insects and other small invertebrates found in its natural habitat. The species is currently endangered due to habitat loss, and conservation measures have been put in place to help protect its dwindling population. The Nauru Reed Warbler is a crucial part of the island's ecosystem, and preserving its habitat is crucial for its survival and the survival of other endangered species on the island.

Other names

Acrocephalus rehsei



Nauru Reed Warbler

boscarla de l'illa Nauru



oblokrili trstenjak

rákosník nauruský




Rousserolle de Nauru


Cannaiola di Nauru


naūrinė nendrinukė


trzciniak samotny


Науруанская камышевка

trsteniarik nauruský

Carricero de Nauru


Nauru Kamışçını

очеретянка науруйська

nauru roolind

naurui nádiposzáta