Rodrigues Warbler (Acrocephalus rodericanus)

The Rodrigues Warbler is a small bird species of Mauritius, a small island located in the Indian Ocean. This bird species has a unique and distinct appearance, making it easy to identify from other birds. It is a small, long-tailed bird that is about 10 cm in length.

The Rodrigues Warbler has a predominantly olive-green plumage, with rufous-brown wings and tail. It has a white throat and upper breast, with a yellow patch on its crown. Its beak is thin and pointed, and its eyes are large and bright, with a distinct white eye-ring.

This bird species is endemic to the island of Rodrigues and is found in dense forests and woodlands. It lives in the lower canopy and is mostly seen flitting among the branches and leaves. Rodrigues Warbler is known for its melodious songs, which are characterized by a sweet and clear whistle.

The diet of this beautiful bird species consists mostly of insects and spiders. It also feeds on fruits and seeds when available. The Rodrigues Warbler is a shy and elusive bird. It is difficult to spot in the wild, and its population has been declining due to habitat destruction.

Conservation efforts are underway to save the Rodrigues Warbler from extinction. The bird is listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List. The Mauritius Wildlife Foundation is working to restore and conserve the natural habitats of Rodrigues Island. They are also working to control introduced predators that pose a threat to the bird's survival.

In conclusion, the Rodrigues Warbler is a unique and fascinating bird species. It has a beautiful appearance and song but needs protection to avoid extinction. Its conservation is important as it plays a crucial role in maintaining the island's ecosystems.

Other names

Acrocephalus rodericanus



Rodrigues Warbler

boscarla de l'illa Rodrigues



rodrigeški trstenjak

rákosník rodriguézský




Rousserolle de Rodrigues


Cannaiola di Rodriguez


rodrigesinė nendrinukė


namorzynek maskareński


Маскаренский беброрнис

Trstenjak sa ostrva Rodrigez

trsteniarik rodrigueský

Carricero de Rodrigues


Rodrigez Kamışçını

очеретянка родригійська

maskareeni roolind

rodriguesi poszáta