Greater Swamp Warbler (Acrocephalus rufescens)

The Greater Swamp Warbler is a medium-sized passerine bird that is commonly found in the wetlands, swamps, and marshes of sub-Saharan Africa. This species belongs to the Acrocephalidae family and is known by its scientific name, Acrocephalus rufescens.

The plumage of the Greater Swamp Warbler is predominantly brown with a slightly darker color on its back and wings. Its underparts are paler and streaked with brown. The long, pointed bill of the bird is a dark grey or black shade. Both male and female birds look similar. The average length of the bird is around 17 cm with a weight of approximately 25g.

Like most warblers, the Greater Swamp Warbler is a migratory bird. It breeds in the wetlands of northern Botswana, Southern Angola, and Zimbabwe during the summer season from October to February. The bird migrates to southern African regions during the winter season, specifically to Mozambique, Tanzania, and South Africa.

The Greater Swamp Warbler is a territorial bird that sings loudly during the breeding season to mark its territory. Its song is a rich, melodious, and complex mix of whistles and trills. The bird species primarily feeds on insects and small invertebrates, which it forages from leaves, among reeds and sedges around wetlands.

The Greater Swamp Warbler is of low concern in terms of its conservation status as it is widespread and found in a variety of habitats. However, it may face a challenge to its survival due to the destruction of wetlands by human activities, including land occupation for agriculture and infrastructure development.

In conclusion, the Greater Swamp Warbler is a fascinating bird species that is primarily found in sub-Saharan Africa. Its unique features, migratory behavior, melodious song, and foraging habits make it a valuable bird species that must be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Other names

Acrocephalus rufescens



Greater Swamp Warbler

boscarla bruna



maslinastosmeđi trstenjak

rákosník větší

Brun Sumpsanger



Rousserolle des cannes


Cannaiola maggiore


didžioji nendrinukė


trzciniak papirusowy


Рыжая камышевка

Papirusov trstenjak

trsteniarik hnedkavý

Carricero rufo

större sumpsångare

Büyük Bataklık Kamışçını

очеретянка бура



papirusz nádiposzáta