Clamorous Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus stentoreus)

The Clamorous Reed Warbler, also known as the Large-billed Reed Warbler, is a small bird species that belong to the family of Acrocephalidae. The scientific name for this bird is Acrocephalus stentoreus, and it is commonly found in the wetlands of Asia, including Pakistan, India, China, and Japan. This bird is particularly well-known for its loud and constant singing, which can be heard from a distance.

The Clamorous Reed Warbler is about 14cm in length, and it has a distinctive pale eyebrow, dark grey upper parts, and a pale grey underbelly. In terms of diet, it mostly feeds on insects, spiders and small invertebrates. These birds are generally found in open wetlands such as swamps, reed beds, and marshes. During the breeding season, this bird can be seen building their nests on reed stems, which are intricately woven and provide a secure place for their offspring.

As mentioned, the Clamorous Reed Warbler is known for its exceptionally loud and constant singing, which can go on for hours. Male birds are known to sing to establish their territories and attract females during breeding season, which usually occurs during summer. The male birds are also known to be very vocal and will continue to sing throughout the day and even at night. Researchers have identified more than eight different types of calls used by this bird, which includes harsh, chattering calls, and melodious songs.

The population of Clamorous Reed Warbler in the wild, however, is declining due to habitat destruction and degradation. Human activities like dam building, wetland draining and agricultural expansion have resulted in the loss of wetland habitats for this bird, and as a result, their numbers have declined drastically. Conservation efforts for this species include efforts to restore and improve the degraded wetlands, as well as advocating for better wetland management practices. The Clamorous Reed Warbler is a vital part of many wetland ecosystems and efforts to save it will not only benefit this bird but also other species that rely on wetlands.

Other names

Acrocephalus stentoreus



Clamorous Reed Warbler

boscarla cridanera



riđi trstenjak

rákosník hlučnohlasý


Indische Karekiet


Rousserolle stentor


Cannareccione stentoreo


papirusinė nendrinukė


trzciniak głośny


Голосистая камышевка

Nilski veliki trstenjak

trsteniarik dlhozobý

Carricero estentóreo


Nil Kamışçını

очеретянка південна


hosszúcsőrű nádirigó


Kerakbasi ramai

skaļais ķauķis


kričavi rakar