Pagan Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus yamashinae)

The Pagan Reed Warbler bird, or the Acrocephalus paganensis, is a small and endangered species of the reed warbler family. It is found exclusively on a few islands in the Mariana chain, which is located in the western Pacific Ocean. This bird is an exceptional migratory bird since its breeding grounds are situated in only a few small numbers of islands, and it makes annual migrations traveling as far east as Japan for the winter.

The Pagan Reed Warbler bird prefers to dwell in moist and dense vegetation environments, such as marshes, mangroves, swamps, and rice paddies. It is mainly insectivorous, feeding on a vast array of insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates found in the undergrowth and reed beds. It has a distinct habit of flying low over wetlands to catch its prey.

The Pagan Reed Warbler bird is known to be very secretive, shy and solitary in nature. It is hard to spot because it remains concealed within the thick grass and reed beds. The male Pagan Reed Warbler is distinguished by its loud and rich song, which is composed of various warbling notes. The song is sung primarily by male birds to attract females during the breeding season.

The major threat to the Pagan Reed Warbler bird is the destruction and degradation of their natural habitats due to human activities. The invasion of exotic species of plants and animals has proven harmful to this species, and this area is also particularly prone to typhoons, hurricanes and other natural calamities that destroy the breeding habitat of these birds. Moreover, the Mariana commonwealth has volcanic activity, which can cause disasters like landslides, ash fall and flooding.

In conclusion, the Pagan Reed Warbler bird is an endangered species with its unique traits and fascinating characteristics. Its limited population, habitat and migration routes have become vulnerable to various environmental threats. Therefore, it is imperative to conserve their natural habitat and protect these birds from future extinction.

Other names

Acrocephalus yamashinae



Pagan Reed Warbler



paganski trstenjak




Rousserolle de Pagan




trzciniak mariański


Паганская камышевка

trsteniarik paganský

Carricero de Pagán


Pagan Kamışçını

очеретянка маріанська