Spotted Wood Kingfisher (Actenoides lindsayi)

The Spotted Wood Kingfisher, also known as the Mindanao Kingfisher, is a beautiful and brightly-coloured bird found in the dense forests of the Philippines. It belongs in the family of Alcedinidae, which comprises a variety of birds known for their unique hunting style and remarkable skills in catching fish and other aquatic creatures.

The Spotted Wood Kingfisher has a distinct appearance, with its bright orange underparts, blue-green wings, and dark bluish-black feathers with white spots. Its bill is long and pointed, which it uses to catch its prey, and its feet are adapted for perching on tree branches.

These birds are typically found in the forests of Mindanao, an island in the southern part of the Philippines known for its rich biodiversity. They are known to live near streams or forest edges and prefer areas with tall trees, which they use for perching and hunting. Spotted Wood Kingfishers are diurnal birds, meaning they are active during the day.

Spotted Wood Kingfishers are carnivorous birds, feeding on a variety of small animals such as insects, lizards, and crabs. They have a unique hunting style, where they perch on a branch overlooking the water and wait for the prey to come close. Once the prey is in sight, these birds will dive headfirst into the water using their long beaks to catch fish or other aquatic creatures.

These birds typically nest in holes in trees or termite mounds, which they use for breeding and raising their young. These nests are typically located near or above the water, where the birds have access to a steady supply of food.

Sadly, the Spotted Wood Kingfisher is currently classified as a near-threatened species, with its population declining due to habitat loss and hunting. Efforts are being made to conserve their habitats and promote responsible hunting practices to ensure the survival of these stunning birds for future generations.

Other names

Actenoides lindsayi



Spotted Wood Kingfisher

alció clapejat



maslinastoleđi vodomar

ledňáček skvrnitý

Plettet Skovisfugl



Martin-chasseur tacheté


Martin pescatore macchiato


dėmėtasis halcionas


krasnogłów plamisty


Пёстрая альциона

Pegavi vodomar

rybárikovec bodkovaný

Alción moteado


Benekli Yalıçapkını

альціон строкатий


cseppfoltos halción

pegasti gozdomec