Green-backed Kingfisher (Actenoides monachus)

The Green-backed Kingfisher, also known as the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, is a small, brightly colored bird found in the dense forests of South and Southeast Asia. These charming birds are perhaps best known for their striking, jewel-toned plumage, which makes them one of the most visually arresting birds in their habitat.

As their name suggests, Green-backed Kingfishers have a distinct green coloration on their backs and wings, which contrasts sharply with their bright blue head, throat, and breast. These colors are accentuated by a bright orange bill and legs, adding to the bird's overall vibrancy.

Green-backed Kingfishers are not your typical kingfisher species; they are not frequently spotted near water bodies like other kingfishers. They are known to be more terrestrial, and their diet primarily consists of insects, small fish, and reptiles. They can sometimes be seen perched patiently on low branches, waiting for their prey to cross their way.

In terms of physical appearance, males and females of this species are quite similar, with males generally being slightly larger. Both sexes also have a vivid white collar around their neck, which stands out against their brightly colored feathers.

Unlike more common kingfishers, the Green-backed Kingfisher is a shy and elusive bird, preferring to stay hidden under the dense canopy of trees. The birds have a distinctive voice that includes shrill calls and a repetitive, high-pitched trill.

Green-backed Kingfishers are monogamous birds that breed between February and June, with both parents contributing towards caring for their offspring. They typically excavate their nests in tree trunks close to the ground, which they line with leaves and feathers for added comfort.

Unfortunately, like many other bird species, Green-backed Kingfishers face several threats due to habitat loss and degradation, making the need for effective conservation measures all the more important. As such, it is imperative that we take steps to protect these stunning birds and their habitats before it's too late.

Other names

Actenoides monachus



Green-backed Kingfisher

alció monjo



zelenoleđi vodomar

ledňáček poustevnický

Grønrygget Skovisfugl



Martin-chasseur moine


Martin pescatore dorsoverde


sulavesinis halcionas


krasnogłów białogardły


Сулавесская альциона

Zelenoleđi vodomar

rybárikovec mníšsky

Alción monje

grönryggig kungsfiskare

Yeşil Sırtlı Yalıçapkını

альціон білогорлий


celebeszi halción

Cekakak-hutan tunggir-hijau

samotarski gozdomec