Spectacled Barwing (Actinodura ramsayi)

The Spectacled Barwing bird is a medium-sized passerine bird of the Sylviidae family that is endemic to the Himalayan region. Its scientific name is Aristroschista perhenti.

As the name suggests, this bird has a distinctive feature of a broad white patch surrounding its eyes, resembling spectacles. Its plumage is predominantly grayish-brown, with a lighter underpart. It has a long, curved, and pointed beak that helps it feed on insects and fruits.

These ground-dwelling birds can be often seen in small flocks of six to eight birds, foraging on the forest floors and lower branches of trees. They are found inhabiting the dense forests of the eastern Himalayas, such as Bhutan, Nepal, and northeast India.

The Spectacled Barwing bird is known for its song, which is a melodic four-noted whistling that descends in pitch. It sings mostly during the breeding season, which is between March to June.

Breeding among the Spectacled Barwing bird takes place between May and August. They build their nests with twigs, leaves, and moss, which are often placed on a tree or a rocky crevice. The female lays two to three eggs and incubates them for about two weeks. The chicks hatch helpless and are fed by both parents until they are fully grown.

Although this bird has a limited range and has been affected by habitat destruction and fragmentation, it is not considered to be endangered. However, conservation efforts must continue to protect this beautiful bird and its habitat.

In conclusion, the Spectacled Barwing bird is a fascinating bird found in the eastern Himalayas with a unique appearance and beautiful song. It plays an essential role in the ecosystem by controlling insect populations and dispersing seeds. It is another reminder of the beauty and diversity of our planet's wildlife that needs to be preserved for future generations.

Other names

Actinodura ramsayi



Spectacled Barwing

actinodura d'ulleres



prugastorepi drozdalj

timálie brýlatá




Actinodure de Ramsay


Alabarrata dagli occhiali


akiniuotoji aktinodura


prążkopiór okularowy


Очковая сибия

prúžkavec okuliarnatý

Sibia de anteojos occidental


Gözlüklü Yazılıkanat

сибія бірманська