Streaked Barwing (Actinodura souliei)

The Streaked Barwing is a species of bird that is native to Southeast Asia, and it is typically found in the mountains of countries such as India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and China. These birds are known for their vibrant and bold coloring, which includes a mixture of shades of brown, yellow, and black.

The Streaked Barwing is a medium-sized bird, measuring about 20 centimeters in length on average. They have a distinctive appearance, with a black crown and throat, a bright yellow belly, and a streaked brown back and wings. The wings also have a noticeable white patch which contrasts against the other colors.

These birds inhabit high-altitude forests and wooded areas, often near or on the ground. They are typically found in groups of up to 20 birds, and they are known to be vocal and social creatures. Their diet consists of insects, fruits, and seeds.

The Streaked Barwing is a sensitive species, and it is listed as near-threatened on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. This is due to habitat loss and degradation caused by deforestation and human activity. Additionally, they are also hunted, both for food and for their colorful feathers.

Conservation efforts are underway to protect the Streaked Barwing and their natural habitats. Governments and non-governmental organizations are working to prevent further deforestation and protect critical ecosystems, while individuals can help by avoiding products that contribute to deforestation and supporting responsible tourism.

In conclusion, the Streaked Barwing is a beautiful and unique bird, with a striking appearance and social behavior. As their habitats are threatened, it is important to take action to protect these birds and ensure their survival for future generations.

Other names

Actinodura souliei



Streaked Barwing

actinodura estriada



srebrnastouhi drozdalj

timálie tonkinská

Stribet Skælvinge



Actinodure de Soulié


Alabarrata striato


dryžoji aktinodura


prążkopiór kreskowany


Тонкинская сибия

prúžkavec škvrnitý

Sibia de Tonkín


Çizgili Yazılıkanat

сибія велика