Common Sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos)

The Common Sandpiper, scientific name Actitis hypoleucos is a small migratory bird that lives near freshwater habitats such as rivers, streams, and estuaries. It is found in Europe, Asia, and Africa during the summer and migrates to South Asia, Australia, and other tropical regions during winters.

The bird is about 18-20 cm long with a wingspan of 32-35 cm. It has a brownish-green back, white breast and belly, short legs, and a slender neck. The Common Sandpiper has a distinctive bobbing tail that is lowered and flicked up as it moves along the water's edge. The eyes, legs, and bill are black, and the bill is slightly upturned.

The Common Sandpiper is a migratory bird that breeds and spends summers in Europe, Asia, and Africa. During the winter, they migrate to the southern hemisphere, including South Asia and Africa. The bird is solitary, except for during breeding season, when they form pairs.

The Common Sandpiper feeds on small invertebrates such as insects, crustaceans, and mollusks picked from rocks, mud, and vegetation. It typically hunts in shallow water or along the edge of watercourses. The bird is very agile, and its small size makes it well-suited to navigating narrow channels and rocky surfaces. It is also known to hunt in the air, catching flying insects in mid-flight.

The Common Sandpiper has a melodious call that is a series of high-pitched, piercing notes. During the breeding season, it sings loudly and continuously from high perches.

The bird is widely distributed and considered common, with a stable population, and is not threatened. However, their natural habitats are threatened by human activities such as the construction of dams, pollution, and overfishing.

In conclusion, the Common Sandpiper is an interesting bird that can be found in many freshwater habitats worldwide. Although it is common and not threatened, conservation efforts can still be made to ensure the continued well-being of these beautiful birds and their habitats.

Other names

Actitis hypoleucos



Common Sandpiper

xivitona comuna



mala prutka

pisík obecný




Chevalier guignette


Piro piro piccolo


paprastasis krantinis tilvikas


brodziec piskliwy




kalužiačik malý

Andarríos chico


Dere Düdükçünü

набережник палеарктичний

Gewone Ruiter

vihitaja e. jõgitilder



Trinil pantai

upes tilbīte


mali martinec