African Jacana (Actophilornis africanus)

The African Jacana bird, also known as the Lily-trotter, is a wading bird found in wetlands and freshwater habitats throughout sub-Saharan Africa. These birds are known for their unique physical features, particularly their exceptionally long toes, which enable them to walk over floating vegetation with ease.

The African Jacana is easily recognized by its striking black and white plumage, which is marked with chestnut patches on its sides and a reddish-brown head. Males and females alike are relatively similar in appearance, with the females often being slightly larger than the males.

One of the most remarkable aspects of African Jacana behavior is that they are polyandrous, meaning that the female mates with multiple males and lays her eggs in their nests. This strategy has evolved due to the high mortality rate of jacana chicks, as it increases the likelihood that some offspring will survive to adulthood.

Despite this unusual reproductive behavior, African Jacanas are relatively solitary animals, preferring to forage for insects, seeds, and small aquatic animals alone or in small groups. These birds are very adept at walking on the surface of water plants, allowing them to hunt for food on lily pads and other floating vegetation.

African Jacanas also have a distinctive call, which is a series of high-pitched chirps and trills. This call can often be heard echoing across the wetlands and marshes where they live.

In recent years, African Jacana populations have faced significant threats from habitat loss and degradation, as well as hunting and introduced predators. Conservation efforts are underway to protect these unique and fascinating birds, but much more work is needed to ensure their survival in the wild.

Other names

Actophilornis africanus



African Jacana

jacana africà



afrička jakana

ostnák africký

Afrikansk Bladhøne



Jacana à poitrine dorée


Jacana africana


afrikinė žakana


długoszpon afrykański


Африканская якана

Afrička jakana

jakana modročelá

Jacana africana

afrikansk jaçana

Afrika Jakanası

якана африканська



afrikai levéljáró