Speckled Hummingbird (Adelomyia melanogenys)

The Speckled Hummingbird (Adelomyia melanogenys) is a small but magnificent bird found in the Andean Mountains of South America. Measuring around 10cm in length and weighing just 5-6 grams, they are easily distinguishable by their beautiful and unique plumage.

The male Speckled Hummingbird is characterized by a vibrant green upperpart, while the female is slightly duller in coloration. The underside of both male and female is grayish-white with small speckles, giving them their name – Speckled Hummingbird.

Besides their stunning appearance, the Speckled Hummingbird is known for its energetic and flamboyant behavior. They are swift flyers, performing amazing aerial acrobatics, and can fly at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. Their wings beat at an incredible rate of around 70 to 80 times per second.

These birds primarily feed on nectar from flowers and supplement their diet with small insects and spiders. Due to their high metabolic rate, they require an abundant source of food, equivalent to twice their body weight each day.

During the breeding season, male Speckled Hummingbirds will perform an elaborate courtship display for the female, including flying at high speeds, hovering in front of them, and even singing. Once they have selected their mate, the female will build a small and intricate nest using spider webs, lichens, and moss.

Conservation status of the Speckled Hummingbird is currently considered to be a species of "Least Concern" due to their wide distribution and population sustainability. However, their habitat is gradually being reduced due to deforestation, and the use of pesticides and herbicides in agricultural practices. Therefore, it is vital to preserve the natural habitats and protected areas where these birds thrive.

In conclusion, the Speckled Hummingbird is a fascinating and beautiful bird that deserves admiration and protection. Its unique appearance, acrobatic displays, and energetic behavior make them one of the most beloved avian species in South America.

Other names

Adelomyia melanogenys



Speckled Hummingbird

colibrí jaspiat



pjegavi kolibrić

kolibřík mozaikový

Plettet Kolibri



Colibri moucheté


Colibrì marezzato


raibasis kolibris




Черноухий колибри

Pirgavi kolibri

vrchárik jaspisový

Colibrí jaspeado


Çilli Kolibri

колібрі плямистоволий