Black-throated Bushtit (Aegithalos concinnus)

The Black-throated Bushtit, also known as Aegithalos concinnus, is a tiny, active bird native to the Himalayan region and parts of Southeast Asia. These birds belong to the family of Aegithalidae and are characterized by their round, plump bodies, short tails, and compact size. These cute little birds are found in forests, grasslands, and shrubby areas up to an altitude of 4000m.

The Black-throated Bushtit has an average length of 10-12cm and weighs between 5-9g. Their plumage is a combination of vibrant colors like black, white, brown, and grey, with a distinctive black throat that sets them apart from other bushtit species. The males and females do not show any visible differences, and both look alike.

Black-throated Bushtits are social birds and typically form large flocks of up to 20 birds that move together in a coordinated manner. These birds have a unique way of communication, which is through soft chirps, hisses, and chatters.

The diet of the Black-throated Bushtit consists of small insects, spiders, and larvae that they collect from foliage and flowers. They are often seen gleaning insects from the undersides of leaves, and they follow the ants in order to catch insects disturbed by them.

The Black-throated Bushtit is known for its unique nests that are made out of cobwebs, feathers, and plant materials. They build their nests in the shape of a closed ball, which has a small entrance hole near the bottom. These nests are typically built at the end of branches hidden from sight.

The breeding season for Black-throated Bushtits usually starts in April and lasts until August. During this time, the female lays 5-6 eggs that are incubated for 12-14 days. Both parents take turns to incubate the eggs and feed the chicks.

In conclusion, the Black-throated Bushtit is an enchanting bird, admired for its beauty, social behavior, and unique nest building technique. These birds play an important role in maintaining ecological balance and are a testament to the diverse avian fauna of the Himalayan region.

Other names

Aegithalos concinnus



Black-throated Bushtit

mallerenga cuallarga golanegra



šarenoglava sjenica

mlynařík kaštanovotemenný

Rødkappet Halemejse



Orite à tête rousse


Codibugnolo golanera


juodagurklė ilgauodegė zylė


raniuszek czarnogardły


Рыжеголовая длиннохвостая синица

Crnogrla dugorepa senica

mlynárka čiapočkatá

Mito gorjinegro común

rödhättad stjärtmes

Kara Gerdanlı Uzunkuyruk

ополовник рудоголовий


vörösfejű őszapó

melnrīkles zīlīte