Pygmy Bushtit (Aegithalos exilis)

The Pygmy Bushtit, also known as the Asian Bushtit, is a small bird found in Asia, particularly in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. This tiny bird is just about 7-8 cm long and weighs only about 5 grams, making it one of the smallest bird species in the world.

The Pygmy Bushtit is characterized by its round head, short tail, and plump body. These birds have a unique plumage, sporting a mixture of grey and brown feathers on their back and wings, and white feathers on their underbelly. Their eyes are large and dark, and their beaks are small and pointed.

These birds mostly inhabit forests and woodlands, particularly those with dense foliage. They live in flocks of up to 30 individuals and are quite active, often seen jumping and flying from one branch to another. The Pygmy Bushtit's diet mostly consists of small insects and their larvae.

One of the most unique traits of the Pygmy Bushtit is their communal nesting behavior. Instead of building individual nests, they build a single communal nest that can accommodate up to 30 birds. These nests are usually made of soft materials such as fur, feathers, and spider webs, and are spherical in shape, with a small opening on the side for entry.

The Pygmy Bushtit is a non-migratory bird and stays in its habitat all year round. However, during the breeding season, these birds are known to create complex and intricate displays to attract mates. These displays involve intricate weaving of hairs and feathers to create colorful displays, giving them the nickname "Weaver Birds."

Despite their small size, the Pygmy Bushtit is an important part of the ecosystem, as they play a vital role in controlling insect populations in their habitat. While not considered endangered, their population may be affected by habitat loss due to deforestation and urbanization.

In conclusion, the Pygmy Bushtit may be small in size, but they are a fascinating and unique bird species. With their communal nesting behavior and elaborate displays during breeding season, they continue to capture the attention and curiosity of bird enthusiasts all over the world.

Other names

Aegithalos exilis



Pygmy Bushtit

mallerenga cuallarga pigmea



javanska sjenica

mlynařík jávský




Orite pygmée


Cincia pigmea


nykštukinė zylė


raniuszek malutki



Patuljasta senica

mlynárka trpasličia

Mito pigmeo


Küçük Uzunkuyruk


pisi-sabatihane (pisitihane)


Cerecet jawa