Silver-throated Bushtit (Aegithalos glaucogularis)

The Silver-throated Bushtit is a small bird species found commonly in the region of Southeast Asia. This bird is widely known for its unique characteristics, including its silver throat and its lively behavior.

The Silver-throated Bushtit belongs to a family called the "Aegithalidae," which is found mainly in Asia ranging from Japan to Southeast Asia. A small bird with a long tail that forms a half-moon shape, it is a highly active bird which is always on the move through bushes and trees in search of insects, seeds, and berries.

The Silver-throated Bushtit is commonly found in small groups of around eight to ten birds that move constantly, with each member continuously communicating with its companions by chattering and calling to each other constantly. The bird is highly social and active, and as a flock, they demonstrate a joyous performance, constantly fluttering and chattering amongst themselves as they move around.

The bird's silvery-white throat is its most prominent feature, but it is also adorned with soft grey plumage on its body, and black and white stripes on its head and back. The bird's small size makes it easy for it to maneuver among dense vegetation, where it can find protection from predators.

The Silver-throated Bushtit usually breeds during the spring season and typically lays around three to eight small, white eggs. The incubation period is about fourteen days, and during the three-week rearing period, both the male and female work together to care for the offspring.

In conclusion, the Silver-throated Bushtit is an adorable, lively bird species with many distinctive features that make it stand out from the other birds. Its silver throat, joyful behavior, and active flock dynamic make it an interesting and rewarding sight to behold.

Other names

Aegithalos glaucogularis



Silver-throated Bushtit

mallerenga cuallarga de casquet



srebrnastogrla sjenica

Sølvstrubet Halemejse



Orite à gorge argent



pilkagurklė ilgauodegė zylė


raniuszek czarnołbisty


Серогорлая длиннохвостая синица

Dugorepa senica srebrnog grla

mlynárka čínska

Mito gorjigrís

gråstrupig stjärtmes

Gri Gerdanlı Uzunkuyruk

ополовник чорноголовий

hiina sabatihane