White-throated Bushtit (Aegithalos niveogularis)

The White-throated Bushtit, also known as Aegithalos niveogularis, is a small passerine bird species found in the regions of India, Nepal, and China. They are often spotted in the dense undergrowth of the Himalayan forests and are known for their small size, fluffy appearance, and their distinctive white patch on their throat and cheeks.

These birds are usually 11-12 cm in length with a wingspan of around 15 cm, and they weigh just 6-9 grams. They have a small, thin bill and a short tail, which makes them perfectly adapted to life in the dense forests. They are predominantly grey-brown in color, but their underparts are white, and their wings are adorned with a white patch. The female species of the White-throated Bushtit have a slightly duller color as compared to the males.

The White-throated Bushtit is known for its active and social nature and is often seen in large flocks of up to 30 birds. They move around in the dense foliage and search for insects, spiders, and other small creatures to feed on. Their diet also consists of berries, seeds, and nectar. These birds have a unique way of communicating with each other, and they make a high-pitched buzzing sound, which is audible over large distances.

During the breeding season, the male White-throated Bushtit will build a small, tree-hanging nest using spider webs, lichens, and feathers. The female will lay up to 7 eggs, and both parents will take turns incubating the eggs until they hatch. The chicks are fed by the parents, who bring them a continuous supply of insects.

The White-throated Bushtit is a common species and is not currently listed as endangered. However, they are vulnerable to habitat loss and fragmentation due to deforestation in their natural habitats. Conservation efforts need to be put in place to ensure that this beautiful bird species thrives in the future.

Other names

Aegithalos niveogularis



White-throated Bushtit

mallerenga cuallarga gorjablanca



himalajska sjenica

mlynařík bělohrdlý

Hvidstrubet Halemejse



Orite à gorge blanche


Codibugnolo golabianca


baltagurklė ilgauodegė zylė


raniuszek białogardły


Белогорлый ополовник

Belogrla dugorepa senica

mlynárka bielohrdlá

Mito gorjiblanco

vitstrupig stjärtmes

Ak Boğazlı Uzunkuyruk

ополовник білогорлий

himaalaja sabatihane

fehértorkú őszapó

baltrīkles garastīte