Great Iora (Aegithina lafresnayei)

The Great Iora bird is a fascinating species of bird that is native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It belongs to the family of birds known as Aegithinidae and is scientifically known as the Aegithina lafresnayei. It is a small, brightly colored bird that has a distinctive combination of yellow-green plumage and black markings on its head, eyes, wings, and tail.

One of the most notable features of the Great Iora bird is its loud and melodious song. It has a beautiful voice and is often found singing in the forest canopy or perched on high branches. The males of the species are the most vocal and use their songs to attract mates and defend their territories.

The Great Iora bird is highly adaptable and can survive in a variety of environments, including tropical forests, woodlands, and gardens. It is an omnivorous bird that feeds on a wide range of insects, fruits, and nectar. It is often seen foraging in trees, where it uses its sharp beak to extract prey or fruits from the branches.

Although the Great Iora bird is not considered to be an endangered species, its populations are declining due to habitat loss and degradation. Human activities such as deforestation, land-use changes, and urbanization are causing significant damage to their habitats. The bird's nests are also often destroyed by humans, who do not realize the importance of conserving the natural environment.

Efforts are being made to conserve the Great Iora bird and its habitats through the establishment of protected areas, such as wildlife reserves and national parks, as well as the promotion of sustainable land-use practices. Conservationists are also working to increase public awareness about the species through education and outreach programs.

In conclusion, the Great Iora bird is a fascinating and beautiful bird that is an important part of the ecosystems of Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Its unique songs, bright colors, and adaptability make it a beloved species among bird enthusiasts and conservationists alike. It is essential that we work together to protect and conserve the Great Iora bird and its habitats for future generations to enjoy.

Other names

Aegithina lafresnayei



Great Iora

iora grossa



krupnokljuna jora

jora velká

Stor Iora

Grote Iora


Iora de Lafresnaye


Iora maggiore


geltonoji jora


paskownik wielkodzioby


Длинноклювая йора

Velika jora

jara veľká

Iora grande

större iora

Büyük İora

йора велика

nagy poszátalevélmadár